provides its experience to many industries including Decoration, Thermal insulation, Construction, Civil Engineering, Architectural Design, Packing, Marine and Agriculture.

Foam Decoration is very much diversified in the products and industries that we service and are always looking for that new and innovative industry that sets us apart from the next company. We are a dedicated company that focuses on quality and service to meet our customers´ needs. We´re interested in making our customers look good in their industry by getting the job done timely and efficiently.

Foam Decoration  has the capabilities of fabricating most any parts imaginable to the industry. We have some of the most advanced EPS equipment available. Whether you need some basic foam cutting of sheets and blocks or you need some more complex computer aided parts fabricated, packaging and display solutions including polystyrene letters, shapes, sheets, insulation, logos and much more Foam Decoration can do it all. With our experience and knowledge of the marketplace you are not that far away from getting that project completed timely and cost effectively.

Since its inception, our high quality standards have been key to the company’s success.

Quality Policy


We at Foam Decoration strive to increase Customer Satisfaction by continually improving the quality of our Expanded Polystyrene, Extruded polystyrene, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, Rock wool, Other Foamed Plastic and Rotationally Molded products, molds and services for these processes, in our trading businesses.  We accomplish this through a well-documented

Quality Management System, which is reviewed annually, and with the complete participation of all our people.We are committed to meeting all applicable statutory, regulatory, safety and environmental requirements, maintaining a high standard of ethics, and being good and responsible corporate citizens.

We dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence in all spheres of activity and, in doing so, we seek to improve our

Cost-effectiveness, Growth and Profitability.

Foam Decoration in founded the values of Quality, Integrity and Trust, It is my belief that profit is a vital yet variable factor in a business that changes with the varying demand and supply conditions in the market. However, the founding principles and values that our company has always adhered to are timeless and the best security for the long term future of our company. The result of our emphasis on ensuring and retaining the trust of our clients is a story of success.

I believe that we live in times where the pace of technology demands all successful businesses to continually modernize and evolve. Therefore, up-gradation and enhancement has always been a constant factor in the growth of our company. We are always working toward the future.

As you read, remember that each action is part of a larger vision. Foam Decoration’s short-term strategies are contributors to our company’s long-term sustainability.


I assured my clients that Foam Decoration continues to grow and acquire new state of the art technologies which will help our clients to grow as well.







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Foamdecoration L.L.C is a leading polystyrene company  with hundreds of clients a cross United Arab Emirates and Gulf Area. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional art work or props.

Promote your business, showcase your art, set up or just test out new ideas. foam decoration has everything you need to create your creative idea and bring it to life.

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